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1.Before cleaning the trough or bucket, be sure to turn off the power supply, unplug the plug. Wash the bucket every 1 to 2 months. When cleaning, unscrew the cap of the bucket, add warm water, properly add citric acid or scale remover, then dissolve the limescale 10 minutes later, and then rinse the bucket with clear water.

2.Wash the trough (recommend to wash once in one or two weeks in the northern region)

Add warm water into the trough, then add an appropriate concentration of 50-70% acid solution or scale remover, and dissolve the limescale 10 minutes. Scrub the atomizer and the surface of the inner wall with cotton swabs or soft cloth, then wash with tap water.

3. Outside Cleaning: Scrub the surface limescale with soft cloth.

Cleaning and Maintenance for Humidifiers