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Application of Humidification System in Tobacco Industry
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Tobacco is a highly hygroscopic material - that is, they are affected by changes in the humidity of the air near the air, if the relative humidity of the surrounding environment is low, the air will absorb moisture from the tobacco leaves, making the tobacco dry, affecting the tobacco quality. In accordance with the tobacco industry standards, tobacco in the alcohol storage, the moisture content of 16% -18%, after the alcoholized tobacco after unpacking, solution, the selection of leaves into the biscuit baking line for production.

In the process of unpacking, solving, selecting leaves, due to smoke, handling, grading and other operations caused by the loss of moisture in tobacco leaves, tobacco leaves are easy to break. Not only reduces the quality of tobacco leaves, resulting in economic losses, but also increased the dust of the workshop, resulting in deterioration of the production environment. Dust floating in the air, mixed with a thick smell of tobacco leaves affect the smell of workers and breathing. Dust is not just the trouble of cleaning and cleaning, but also the most common carrier of many microbes. Irritating dust, dust, carbon dioxide in the air and a variety of micro-organisms attached to the dust and other pollution, by the workers inhalation, can cause and aggravate chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, Peng Xiang workers health.