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Calculation method of humidifier for industrial humidifier
- Jan 05, 2018 -

Calculation method of humidifier for industrial humidifier

In the industrial production of different products in different industries of workshop, warehouse and other environmental humidity have different requirements; only by maintaining proper humidity, is conducive to the normal production workshop, and improve the quality of the product; therefore, it needs to configure the appropriate requirements through industrial humidifier to achieve different products and technology the humidity; the workshop for the production of the product storage warehouse in the relative humidity always meet the needs of the production process, so as to enhance the quality and the production efficiency of the enterprise products.

So, how does a general factory type choose when configuring an industrial humidifier? How much humidifier should be used for humidification? Many people do not know much about the selection of industrial humidifiers. This paper focuses on the calculation method of humidifying capacity. You can calculate the required humidification amount according to the actual situation of humidifying place according to need, so as to provide reference for choosing industrial humidifier products.

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