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How is the user right to choose a good humidifier
- Jan 05, 2018 -

How is the user right to choose a good humidifier

With the decrease of temperature, people generally appear dry lips, facial skin, throat swelling and pain, upper fire and other symptoms. According to the experts, this is mainly due to the air is too dry, resulting in the loss of human water. Therefore, how to choose a humidifier to ensure the health of breathing in winter has become the focus of attention in the near future.

Note 1: the choice of a professional brand approved by the country is guaranteed

Talking about the humidification of the living room in winter for a long time, people used to put wet towels and water basins in the house, but the effect of humidification was limited. Since humidifier came, people began to enjoy the convenience and health brought by technology. But now there are new problems. The quality of humidifier market is uneven, and many fake and inferior products are flooded with them, so that consumers will be damaged if they are not careful.

Note two: the product brand and brand-name factory vigilance pseudo big

Because there is no "humidifier industry standard" domestic enterprises, some non brand humidifier in pursuit of short-term benefits in production, and the lack of self-discipline, in the procurement of raw materials, production process and shoddy products such as, although the price is cheap but the quality and safety are not guaranteed.

With the continuous expansion of humidifier market, some large household electrical appliance enterprises are also involved in the field of humidifier production. But they often take the way of OEM (OEM), choose some small humidifier production enterprises, and paste their own brand to enter the market at low price. Although such products are covered by some famous brands, the quality of the products is very poor. Consumers often don't know the truth, so they can't get good humidification effect and spend money.

Note three: a family purify humidifier with a child is more appropriate

From the technical difference, the humidifier is currently divided into two kinds of ultrasonic humidifier and purification humidifier. High frequency ultrasonic oscillation ultrasonic humidifier mainly uses nearly 2 million times per second, the water molecule is 1 to 5 micron aerosol particles, and can produce 1 billion 500 million to 10 billion (per cubic meter) of negative oxygen ions, and then through the pneumatic device, it will spread to the air, so as to achieve uniform humidification and care objective.

The purifying type humidifier humidifier as the upgrading of products, the unique molecular sieve evaporation technology and water curtain air cleaning technology, but also in the air humidification of the bacteria in the air, dust and particles were filtered, and then the pneumatic device will wet clean air to the interior, so as to improve the environment humidity and cleanliness. The humidifier used in this technology can prevent the influenza virus in winter, especially for families with old people and children.

In addition, the purifier is completely free from water quality, no water mist, more uniform wetting and more than 30% more than ordinary humidification efficiency.

Humidifier use tips:

1. in the humidifier water tank, according to the proportion of 1:20 to add the Radix Isatis Root Granule, Houttuynia injection or Antiviral Oral-Liquid, can effectively prevent influenza.

2. with a few drops of vinegar in the humidifier, it can play a role in sterilizing.

3. humidifier add a few drops of toilet water, can relieve nasal congestion in children.

4. humidifier into the lavender essential oil, can improve the quality of sleep.

5. room humidification can make wood furniture not deformed, just brush the wall is not listed.

6. add 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil to the water tank, which can regulate the skin of women and can be whitening.

7, adding light brine in the water tank can relieve the pain of larynx and chronic pharyngitis.

8. Opening a humidifier when cutting onions can avoid tears.

9, the computer next to the humidifier, can be clear of static electricity.

10. In the process of humidification, a few goldfish are kept in the water tank, which can beautify the living room.

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