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Installation and maintenance of ultrasonic industrial humidifier
- Jun 30, 2017 -

① the maximum relative humidity of the humidification environment required, the humidification of the humidification environment, the maximum relative humidity above 75% RH, the humidification equipment should be installed outside the required humidification environment; the maximum relative humidity below 75% RH, humidification The equipment can be installed in a humidified environment.

② required humidification environment on the explosion requirements; required humidification sites are explosion-proof requirements, humidification equipment installation should be in the required humidification environment outside the non-explosion requirements area.

③ If the temperature in the required humidification environment is less than zero, the equipment shall be installed in a place where the temperature above Celsius is higher than zero.

④ the need for humidification environment, there are more floating dust, may cause the equipment into the air work is poor, should consider the equipment installed in the required humidification environment.