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Introduction of cold storage atmosphere
- Jun 30, 2017 -

Cold storage common sense and humidity, humidification of the cold storage warehouse, storage and preservation of agricultural products, its role is to maintain the stability of low temperature environment, usually the insulation performance that insulation. Cold storage room good insulation structure, can maximize the cold storage unit to create the cold in the cold out of the cold out, in other words, is to minimize the heat outside the cold storage to the cold storage, which is cold storage and the general housing is mainly different The place.

Cold storage is mainly used for food, medicine, machinery, frozen and refrigerated, it is through artificial refrigeration, so that the room to maintain a certain low temperature. Cold storage building walls, floors and flat top are laid with a certain thickness of the insulation material to reduce the heat transfer outside the cold storage. In order to reduce the absorption of solar radiation energy, cold storage exterior wall surface is generally painted white or light color and thus cold storage building and general industrial civil construction is different, it has its own unique structure.

This method of storing fruit is in a good adiabatic building, equipped with mechanical cold storage unit, and according to the variety of fruit on the storage temperature, humidity and ventilation requirements, the cold storage system for artificial adjustment And control, and thus longer storage time, the effect is better.