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Performance and characteristics of high pressure micro - mist humidifier
- Jun 30, 2017 -

1. Low energy consumption: I produced the high-pressure atomization humidifier using a frequency and computer intelligent control system, abolished the mechanical regulator valve regulator system to reduce the power generated by bypass and reduce the number of high-pressure pump start and stop, So the same industry than other high-pressure atomization humidifier longer life, more energy efficient.

2. Intelligent control of the computer (integrated operation): humidity, spray pressure, spray, sewage can be set arbitrarily, to achieve a real intelligent control; variable frequency constant pressure system; water pump automatic protection system; motor overload protection system; , Automatic pipeline sewage system; failure automatic shutdown alarm display. Easy operation, minimal maintenance workload, the system is stable and reliable operation, can achieve unattended management.

3. Reliable performance, humidification stability: high-pressure pumps, control valves, frequency converters, pressure transmitters, pressure limiting valves, nozzles and other major components are imported original components. The system uses a computer, frequency conversion, valve control system, so that the number of high-pressure pump station to start and stop greatly reduced, so that the main pump wear less pump station system life significantly extended. The use of precision processing of titanium alloy nozzle, good wear resistance, no clogging, no dripping, atomization effect is good, fog particle diameter of only 0.1-5 microns. When the humidification is stopped, the pressure relief system automatically discharges the high pressure water in the pipeline to prevent scaling and dripping.