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The necessity of indoor humidification in heating season
- Jun 30, 2017 -

The radiator is an indispensable heating device for the northern northern family in less than 20 years. The radiator's style evolved from the early cast iron column, square-wing round-wing, closed steel string, radiation plate, etc. to the present Copper pipe, steel steel fins, copper and aluminum composite, steel pipe and other forms, the radiator function from a single cooling function to a combination of beautiful, decorative and other useful features. High-tech development, to the radiator into a powerful power, radiator products in the material, thermal efficiency, shape, color and other aspects of progress has made great progress, although these progress to the winter people brought warm and warm, but not from the fundamental On the winter heating season to solve the problem of indoor drying, because the indoor heating facilities to the room temperature at the same time, also the room into a small desert.