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The problem of placing the humidifier in the room
- Jan 05, 2018 -

The problem of placing the humidifier in the room

Family life, especially in the dry season of autumn and winter, is the help of the humidifier, but do we know about the location of the humidifier? Let's talk about the location of the humidifier.

1, the humidifier placed in the electrical appliances in order to avoid the boring side: electrostatic, most people have deliberately put the humidifier close to the electrical equipment, it will seriously affect the function of electrical insulation, it may appear to have high-voltage scene; secondly, some people let moisture effectively smooth the humidifier is placed in air conditioning below, that can bring about the air conditioning components from. The humidifying machine sprayed with a range of about 1M, so it should not be placed in electrical or furniture items in the area where the humidifier is the center of the circle and the radius is more than 1M.

2, let the moisture be smoother. When placing the humidifier, it is better to put the humidifier on the table about 1M or higher (Note: the fog outlet is about 1M away from the ground), so that the moisture emitted by the humidifier can better flow in the room and maximize the application rate of moisture.

3, the humidifier should not be placed next to the wall: if the humidifier is placed next to the wall, the spray from the humidifier will leave the white print on the wall easily.

In addition, in the humidification process, if we want to add indoor humidity quickly, we can close doors and windows, keep the indoor temperature at 10 ~25, and the water temperature is less than 40 degrees, so that we can quickly increase humidity.

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