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The Relative Humidity of Textile Industry and the Relationship between Product and Process Quality
- Jun 30, 2017 -

one. What is static electricity?

1 static is the static charge. Any two different materials after the object contact and then separated, will produce static electricity.

2 static electricity generated by the main friction, contact and separation, induction.

3 in the daily life, the more common static are: lightning; winter in the mat on the walk and contact with the touch when the touch; in the winter when the clothes produced by the crackling. These have no effect on our body, but it has a great impact on electronic components and electronic circuit boards.

two. Static Protection

(1) the presence of static electricity hazards:

1 electrostatic adsorption (dust pollution): electrostatic adsorption force is proportional to the amount of static electricity.

2 Electrostatic discharge (ESD): electrostatic discharge current is proportional to the amount of static electricity, electrostatic discharge caused by the destructive energy, in addition to damage the product, it may also produce radio frequency interference, affecting the computer control program production operations.