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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Industrial Humidifier
- Jun 30, 2017 -

1, centrifugal humidifier

Advantages: automatic wet control, ventilation and humidification can be selected, more suitable for humidity (> 60% RH) under the conditions of direct humidification. The use of low cost, the application is more mature.

Disadvantages: large particles, uniformity is poor, a waste of water. Suitable for outdoor humidification.

2, high pressure humidifier

Advantages: spray particles smaller, suitable for indoor humidification.

Disadvantages: the need for high-pressure air pump, the water quality requirements are high, noisy interference.

3, wet film humidifier

Advantages: clean and no noise. The air has a washing, filtering effect. With humidification cooling effect. Clean, enthalpy humidification, does not produce "white powder" phenomenon.

Disadvantages: large volume, small amount of humidification.

4, steam-type humidifier

Advantages: belong to isothermal humidification. Humidifier spray particles are small and gasified, no "white powder" phenomenon is not scaling, with air circulation system, to filter the air and kill bacteria.

Disadvantages: great energy consumption.

 5, ultrasonic humidifier

Advantages: small particles, can be transported, low energy consumption (only electric heating humidifier 1/10 to 1/15); long life, automatic humidity balance, automatic protection of water and other functions of medical atomization.