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Common Humidity Solutions For Industrial Humidifiers
- Jun 30, 2017 -

In the life of the air humidity for our health is a certain relationship, and in the industrial production of the appropriate humidity is more important, so in some dry places the use of industrial humidifier is very important, we not only want to use Industrial humidifier, in the event of his failure, we also need to know how to deal with the following Yi Ling came to introduce some of this knowledge.

Industrial humidifier through the transducer to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy to overcome the cohesion of water molecules, the water mist into micron-scale ultrafine particles, and then through the wind device will water spray, and spread to the indoor space, so as to achieve humidification purpose. Humidifier in the course of the phenomenon will not appear fog, no fog for no reason there are two reasons:

Industrial humidifier does not fog Cause 1: humidifier is not regularly cleaned and maintained, long working dip in the water atomized film on a large number of scale, so the atomizer can not run normally, resulting in less fog or not fog.