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How The Textile Industry Controls Relative Humidity
- Jun 30, 2017 -

The moisture in the air is exchanged with the substance that is contacted, that is, the dry air can absorb moisture from the moisturey material until it reaches the dynamic equilibrium of the moisture exchange. So that the original material of moisture or deterioration of the production to bring the same.

Whether it is natural cotton fiber or man-made fiber in order to achieve the entire processing industry in the process of efficient, trouble-free operation, to maintain a continuous and stable humidity level is essential. Otherwise there will be a series of problems, no raw material transmission failure, loss of wire, as well as in the storage process to lose weight and the original quality. At the same time in the workshop due to a variety of dust and wool in a dry environment easily suspended in the air which affect the normal production, if the air reaches a certain humidity, then these suspended solids will absorb moisture in the air and become heavy To the ground, while maintaining a good working environment, reducing the damage to the human body. If the humidity control between 45% - 90% according to different processing materials vary, the above problems will be one by one to avoid.