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How To Choose Their Own Appropriate Dehumidifier
- Jun 30, 2017 -

1, depending on the area of the dehumidifier and the area required for dehumidification.

2, from the dehumidification time to choose the length of time, according to the dehumidifier daily dehumidification to consider the time required to dehumidification should be selected relative to the amount of dehumidification machine.

3, from the humidity requirements of the area to be dehumidified to choose.

4, according to the special nature of the dehumidification area to choose.

5, if the dehumidification requirements of a larger, but the need for small noise, you can choose a number of small dehumidifier at the same time, because the greater the amount of dehumidification dehumidifier noise greater.

6, humidity requirements at 30%, 40% to choose the relative actual area of 3-5 times the dehumidifier

For example: the area is 30 square meters, 3 meters high and below, choose HJ26L dehumidifier can, but if the required humidity of 30% -40%, then the need to use HJ90S / B dehumidifier