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How To Control The Wet More Suitable For Life
- Jun 29, 2017 -

Humidity generally refers to air humidity in meteorology, which is the amount of water vapor in the air. Air in the liquid or solid water is not in the humidity. Water-free air is called dry air. The measurement of gas humidity requires two thermometers, one of which is wrapped in a damp cloth, soaked in pure water at the lower end of the damp cloth, and the other in the air and putting them in the same place , At 8:00 and 20:00, respectively, write down the temperature, you can calculate the air humidity. Air humidity, it is the amount of water vapor in the air. Air in the liquid or solid water is not in the humidity. Water that does not contain water vapor is called dry air. Since the water vapor in the atmosphere can account for 0% to 4% of the volume of the air, it is generally stated that the composition of the various gases in the air refers to the composition of these ingredients in dry air. According to the humidity resistance or humidity capacitance in different humidity conductivity, to determine the humidity. Air humidity "As the name suggests is the size of the water vapor contained in the air, the greater the humidity that the more humid air, water vapor saturation distance closer . Usually we use relative humidity to represent the size of the air humidity. Under certain temperature conditions, the relative humidity of the air is smaller, the faster the human sweat evaporates, the cooler the feeling of the people. Beijing winter and spring during the day and the general humidity is about 20% The night is generally about 70%, due to the winter and spring moisture is too small, people tend to have uncomfortable feeling, and sometimes also appear lips dry, nostrils bleeding, throat itching and other phenomena.However, to the summer season, the air humidity of 80% When the sweat evaporates slowly, people will feel the heat intolerable, and sometimes heat stroke or cause kidney disease, tuberculosis, arthritis and other diseases. Room more comfortable weather conditions: room temperature up to 25 ℃, the relative humidity should be controlled at 40 -50% is appropriate, room temperature up to 18 ℃, the relative humidity should be controlled at 30-40%. Chambers should pay attention to regular regulate indoor humidity, in order to adequately serve your health services.