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Is The Humidifier Harmful? How To Use The Humidifier Properly
- Jun 30, 2017 -

1. Humidifier to rotate in the 0.5 m ~ 1.5 m high stability of the plane, away from heat, corrosion and furniture, to avoid direct sunlight.

2. When the relative humidity is less than 80%, adjust the constant humidity button RH large drug 40 ~ 75%.

3. Do not touch the water when you use, and do not use empty boxes. Move the water in the tank to let go. Not upside down

4. The use of water to 40 ℃ below, can not join other types of chemicals.

5. According to their own humidity requirements, reasonable adjustment of spray volume and constant humidity value.

6. Do not use in the case of ice, in case of failure should immediately stop.

7. Wash the humidifier once a week, cleaning the machine can not be placed in the water. Wash the water should not exceed 50 ℃.

8. Do not use detergent, kerosene, alcohol and other cleaning fuselage and parts. Do not disassemble parts yourself.

9. Wash the transducer with a soft brush; sink with a soft cloth rub, once a week; sensor with a soft cloth rub; tank cleaning can be installed after the water shaking two or three times can be drained.