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Ozone Control Technology Management
- Jun 29, 2017 -

For the rubber, polymer materials, the ozone aging test is particularly important. Although the ozone content in the air is very scarce, but it is the impact of rubber products cracking, powder, fade, deterioration and other major factors such as aging. Environmental testing equipment in the ozone aging test chamber through the ozone control technology, can simulate and strengthen the ozone conditions in the atmosphere to study the role of ozone on the rubber, so as to quickly identify and evaluate the rubber anti-ozone aging performance.

Ozone control technology for ozone aging test The main control equipment for the ozone generator, and its control technology in accordance with the working principle, divided into high-pressure discharge, ultraviolet radiation, electrolytic three ways for a box-type structure of environmental testing equipment - - Ozone aging test chamber, the high-pressure discharge is the most suitable one of the ozone control technology, is now widely adopted and applied.

Ozone aging test chamber using advanced closed-type physical shock oxygen principle, the use of a certain frequency of high-voltage current to create high-voltage corona electric field, through the oxygen tower pressure swing adsorption, at room temperature and pressure directly to the air in the oxygen and Nitrogen separation, to obtain high purity oxygen, and then the electric field or electric field around the oxygen molecules electrochemical reaction, to create a certain concentration of ozone.

As a certain concentration of ozone on the human body has a serious health threat, so in the ozone aging test, ozone safety control technology requirements are particularly stringent. In accordance with international standards, ozone aging test chamber using stainless steel test chamber and silent discharge to create ozone closed gas circuit, the entire occurrence and capture of ozone gas are closed circuit, to ensure personal safety.

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