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Server Room On The Humidity Requirements
- Jun 30, 2017 -

In most cases, the best relative humidity range for the data center environment is 45% to 50%. Exceeding the normal humidity level in the air will corrode the switch line, which in turn causes the device to fail and malfunction. In a data processing apparatus, a circuit board that absorbs moisture (absorbs moisture) expands and contracts as the humidity level fluctuates. The expansion and contraction of these boards can damage microelectronic circuits and printed board plugs. Conversely, low humidity will produce static electricity, which will interfere with the normal operation of the equipment and damage the electronic components.

Precise humidity control is essential for data centers, server rooms, and other facilities where sensitive electronic equipment is placed. When the relative humidity is high, the water vapor in the electronic components or dielectric material surface to form a water film, easily lead to the formation of electronic components between the access. When the humidity is too low, it is easy to produce a higher electrostatic voltage. Experiments show that: in the computer room, if the relative humidity of 30%, the electrostatic voltage up to 5000V; relative humidity of 20%, the electrostatic voltage up to 10000V. The impact of static voltage on computer equipment is obvious. Therefore, in the engine room, the general requirements of the relative humidity range is 40% to 70%, this interval is the total range across the country.