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Technical Management Of Humidity Control
- Jun 29, 2017 -

Air humidity refers to the amount of water vapor contained in the air. The moisture content in the air is generally expressed as relative humidity (%). The empty relative humidity is denoted by RH. It is the percentage of the water vapor density d1 actually contained in the unit volume of air and the saturated water vapor density d2 at the same temperature,

RH (%) = (d1 / d2) x 100%

Or the actual air-water pressure P1 and the saturated water vapor pressure at the same temperature,

RH (%) = (P1 / P2) x 100%

The relative humidity can be measured using a wet and dry bulb thermometer or a hair hygrometer.

In order to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the device, in addition to strict control of the temperature, the humidity should be controlled within the specified range. Abnormal relative humidity not only affects the reliability and longevity of the equipment, but also makes the staff feel uncomfortable. The relative humidity of the room should be controlled between 45% -65% is appropriate.