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The Role Of Humidifier
- Jun 30, 2017 -

The amount of water vapor in the air for a certain condition, improve the air temperature, the humidity will be reduced. This is the same with the indoor heating, especially when ingesting fresh air, if not humidification will cause indoor humidity is too low. Such as a significant drop in indoor humidity. For example: indoor temperature and humidity of 10 ℃ 50% RH, fresh air temperature and humidity conditions of air temperature of 0 ℃ 30% RH, 20% intake of fresh air, if the temperature rose to 20 ℃, indoor humidity will be reduced to 20% RH.

Lack of humidity caused by the problem

Due to lack of humidity caused by air drying, not only detrimental to human health and comfort, and will reduce the production efficiency and cause product failure, resulting in a variety of adverse effects, basically can be divided into the following three:

Detrimental to health and comfort;

The risk of evaporation and loss of moisture;

Static electricity can cause machine failure and reduce product quality.